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We are here to help you alleviate dental fear.  Have you ever made a dental appointment just to skip it because of anxiety?  North Idaho Family Dentistry has your answer and will strive to provide you with a relaxed, low stress experience to get the dental work you need.

Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Pediatric Sedation

We offer pediatric sedation for children to help them get the dental work they need.  We offer Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas" which is a safe and easy option for children.  We also offer moderate sedation options for children who need a little more help getting comfortable.  The medication we use is safe and non-narcotic and allows the child to relax for long enough to accomplish the treatment they need to develop good oral health. It helps children to have good experiences at the dental office so that they don't fear treatment in the future.  Call to schedule a consultation and to find out more.

IV Sedation

We offer Oral and IV sedation for adult patients.  We administer a safe medication to help you relax and feel anxiety-free.  Sedation dentistry allows you to be awake during treatment, but in a relaxed and stress free state.  IV sedation allows us to give you medication in a timely manner and allows for a greater range of sedation levels.  When you call for the first time, you will be greeted by a friendly and understanding receptionist who will schedule you for a consultation.  At this visit we will go over expectations and answer any questions you have.  On the day of your treatment visit, you will take medication to relieve any anxiety you may have.  When you arrive at our office with your driver, we will get you comfortable right away.  With the lights dimmed, we will administer medication to provide a conscious level of sedation.  You will need to have your driver transport you home and care for you through out the remainder of the day.  We strive to make this a safe and stress free experience for you.  Please call to schedule your consultation and for more information.

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