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Implant Dentures

North Idaho Family Dentistry can give you new teeth with All-On-4 dental implants and Snap-On Dentures.  One call can get you started on your new smile today.

Smiling Portrait

All-On-4 Teeth in a Day

The most life-like way to replace bad or missing teeth with dental implants.

The All-On-4 procedure allows most patients to have their remaining teeth removed, implants placed, and a beautiful, fixed, functional smile delivered over the course of a single day! This procedure has the ability to not only give patients a beautiful smile, but also give them a fresh outlook on life. We see countless patients who suffering with mouths full of extensive decay, failing, old dental work, and broken teeth. For these patients, All-On-4 Teeth in a Day is the perfect solution to obtain a new smile and fix the dental problems that have plagued them for years.

Snap-On Dentures

​Benefits of Snap On Dentures:

  • Secure your teeth, no more floating (or flying out of your mouth when you sneeze), greater confidence in social situations

  • Significantly improved chewing

  • Easier to speak thanks to stable dentures

  • More natural appearance

  • Reduce or eliminate gagging

  • Taste food better

  • Increased stability = reduction of sore spots

  • Bone retention

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • More affordable than you might think



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