What We Use

Our goal is to provide you with the latest in technology at affordable rates. We believe that small communities should have access to better and safer dental care without paying traditional high fees.

All of our imaging services are offered at a low, flat fee of $50 for each exam



Panoramic X-rays are wraparound photographs of the face and teeth.  They offer a view that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.  X-rays in general, expose hidden structures, such as wisdom teeth, reveal preliminary signs of cavities, and also show fractures and bone loss.
Panoramic X-rays are extraoral and simple to perform.  Usually, dental X-rays involve the film being placed inside the mouth, but panoramic film is hidden inside a mechanism that rotates around the outside of the head.
A panoramic x-ray is not conducted to give a detailed view of each tooth, but rather to provide a better view of the sinus areas, nasal areas and mandibular nerve.



Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a game changer when it comes to dental radiographic imaging, allowing us greater understanding of our patients and moving imaging beyond pure diagnosis to include planned treatment simulations and image guided treatments.



Our minimally invasive radiography provides us with immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient, and we can better visualize the area due to digital enhancement.

All of our imaging meets ALORA standards, meaning that we use as little radiation as possible while providing a more comfortable imaging experience for patients.



We know that the worst part of dental care for most patients is the injection, so we use the latest devices to help make it comfortable.  Most patients report pain free injections!

"I was so relieved that my dentist used the DentalVibe while I was getting a filling.  I literally didn't feel the injection whatsoever!"

-John, actual DentalVibe Patient


Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry involves the latest technology using instruments that produce intensely concentrated beams of light.  The laser seals and sterilizes exposed blood vessels while incising tissue. Using this minimally invasive laser in various types of dentistry can help reduce pain, bleeding and swelling.  These benefits result in faster recovery, greater patient comfort and less risk for infection.



Tooth colored composite fillings are the best there is. We use composite fillings every time, with very few exceptions.  They bond to your tooth to prevent cracked teeth over time.  They are safer for you, and they look beautiful!

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